BUGLIONE is the mark of Pasquale Buglione & C. S.r.l.

Historical company, leader in the production and distribution of knitwear and clothing for women . BUGLIONE is the offspring of an enthusiast of four generations of entrepreneurs. The company's history began in 1928 thanks to the extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit of Hon. Sen. Pasquale BUGLIONE . The maximum commercial success he started to have at the beginning of the 50’s , when he let the son Umberto came into . He will be able to give a strong identity to the company, launching it on the market and affirming it as a leader in the distribution .

Till today, where he created is own space in the company Umberto's son, Pasquale. He will add a new connotation to the brand : the production; leaning on two basic parameters: high quality craftsmanship, typical of Made in Italy, and processing of a purely natural yarns , thus ensuring a single product.

Today BUGLIONE is synonymous with knitwear production of pure cotton quality, pure wool merinos and cashmere; all antipeeling, all rigorously Made in Italy. The entire process and production cycle takes place in Carpi (MO), the real heart of the Italian knitwear. The strong identity, a highly elegant style and exceptional quality are the values that identify still BUGLIONE the universe; addressing a demanding clientele Fine. The product is distributed by qualified and renowned boutique shops, both in Italy and abroad. Every single item is produced in a range of colors (20), in sizes normal and shaped, which are combined between them. Fabrics and yarns are selected for guarantee every knitwear maximum refinement and, together with the use of cutting edge technology and careful control of all processing steps, ensures that important competitive advantage precisely of Italian style. You can view the simples at any time directly at our office or through our sales agents.