Our knitwear

Merino Wool Knitwear:

Wool is a natural fiber obtained from the fleece of certain animals; the best known are the Merino breed sheep, from which it produces the eponymous wool. While in the classic wool, the size of the diameter of the fiber are such as to give sometimes a tingling sensation, the Merino wool fibers are thin enough to bend with the skin, giving a feeling of extreme softness.

The natural softness of Merino wool allows leaders to move with the body, then returning to the original form: the leaders in Merino do not need to be ironed after washing. Another benefit that you should not ignore is breathable and absorbent capacity of Merino; this is infact able to absorb 33% of its weight in water without giving, to the touch, feeling wet. Unlike synthetic fibers, the Merino wool is a living fiber which will react to the change in body temperature. This allows the wearer to maintain an ideal microclimate warmer in winter and cool when temperatures are milder.

Knitwear Mixed Cashmere:

A precious fiber with an insulating power 10 times that of wool. The perception that you have to touch is silky, velvety and gives a feeling of comfort and softness that satisfies the eyes and caresses the skin.